Why Spray Foam Insulation is a Great Option

Spray foam is a type of insulation that makes for an air barrier material used in sealing walls, floors and ceiling cavities. Usually used as an alternative to traditional building insulation like fiberglass, this two-component mixture forms an expanding foam sprayed onto roof tiles, concrete slabs, wall cavities and seal it against air movement from getting inside into the structure.

It is also used to seal off spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures and areas where the walls meet windows and doors. It has a high thermal insulating capacity with no air infiltration. This is sprayed into an open cavity, mostly in new constructions, attics, crawl spaces and rim points of buildings.

How it works

Among its many favorable qualities is that it never loses it shape, which is different from other conventional insulation materials. It fills up cracks, gaps and crevices during installation and it does not compress, sag or settle over time.  Both the open cell and closed cell spray foam insulates your home as it creates an air seal. With this, the foam insulation carries many benefits. It has sound control; it deters mold growth, and reduces air flow while barring drafts and cold floors. With its efficiency, your resulting energy bill can go down, unlike other forms of insulation. One of my colleagues who is an expert electrician at says he really loved foam insulation.


Your spray foam insulation controls the conduction (the transfer of heat among materials) and the air convection (this is the flow of air). These air movements the comfort inside your home (and the energy consumption).

In short, spray as an insulation material resists heat flow in or out of an area. It keeps your homes warm during the winter and keeps it cool during summer. Air leakage in Insulation in homes is a problem because it dissipates energy and increases your energy bills.

This does not include the discomfort you will have in your home: cold floors, drafts from all over and ice dames. In addition, it had been noted that some homes can leak enough air every day to fill two blimps, and you can imagine the energy bills you are going to pay.


Your spray foam can make your home energy efficient with the creation of a seamless monolithic air barrier. This allows for a consistent comfort throughout your home notwithstanding the extreme conditions outside.

With its efficiency, the spray foam improves the indoor humidity control in your home. The technology had not been achieved by other convention insulation because hot moist air meeting cold dry air leads to an elevated moisture levels.

Uniform temperature in rooms

The foam has a resistance to heat gaine3d stopping radiant heat from penetrating walls. This also is true in monolithic air barrier that creates consistent temperatures throughout the home.

With its materials, the spray foam eliminates drafts and air leakage. The foam envelopes the entire home by sealing all spaces that causes penetrations. This allows all the heating and cooling normally lost through exterior walls and vented attics captured to make your home a comfortable place.

The biggest reason for opting on spray foams is the fact that it can save much money for the homeowner.