Choosing Commercial Roof Restoration VS Replacement

A lot of discussions had been spent by building owners and roofing professionals, all centered on the practical aspects of having a damaged roof restored or completely replaced. The choice is simply an either/or option.

Sometimes, roofs are torn off (usually after some heavy storms) and totally replaced with a new one.

However, it sometimes happen that roof coating system can be installed to restore the existing roof system without having it replaced.

Roofs that have gone beyond the restorable point are not ideal candidates for a roof coating system. Most professional roofers always recommend a roofing professional survey of the roof on the question to determine if a coating system can be installed.

Restoration pros

There are always two sides to a coin, and we begin with restoration first on the pros on deciding on it.

The number one reason is less expense.

One good point in roof restoration is that a restored portion will cost less than an entire replacement. This is mostly favored by small businesses that have smaller budgets than the big companies.

Restoration is quicker, too. A restoration can save you time, and depending on the amount of damage the process is faster than replacing the whole roof. This is appreciated by people who do not want a long stoppage in their business while repair is going on.

The restoration of a roof, if it is still in good condition, will help extend its life. You need not worry on replacing it for the next 10 to 15 years.

Replacement cons

Restoration might not be ideal if the roof had sustained too much damage. The most that it does is cover up the issues rather than fix them.

Also, not all issues are evident at first glance. It could be more serious and the restoration can become a band-aid solution to a big problem.

Replacement pros

The biggest reason for a replacement is that, if the roof is extremely damaged, a replacement can take care of all the roofing issues. It ensures that the underlying cause of the damage is taken care of.

The replacement also adds value to your property, with the addition of a new roof. If you want to sell your building, you would know that many buyers will be interested.    

A new roof replacement can add to approximately 20 to 30 years to it. It is a great investment for those who can afford it.

During the replacement, you can customize your roof at your own discretion. For one, you will not be bound again to match the roof tiles, for instance. You can now choose the style appropriate to your business.

Replacement cons

The big complaint is that replacement costs is significantly more than a restoration. If you have other pressing problems, paying for a replacement roof can be daunting to the company budget.

Replacements also take time to implement. Owners don’t want a long wait after the replacement process is finished, which could put a dent on company income.

It is always the owner’s choice to choose either of the two, mostly depending on the ensuing circumstances.