The Advantages of Roof Coatings

Building owners know the value of roof coatings – the benefits they give to your roof and your building. In a practical sense, the roof coatings create a barrier between your roof and the elements. Since these coatings are water-proofed, you are also protected from leaks.

The most notable benefit is the presence of this barrier between the elements and your roof. Your contractor can tackle on many minor damages and handle leak repairs before applying the coatings. This is more affordable than a full roof replacement.


Four of the most common coating (there are many types in the market) include acrylic, silicone, foam and thermoplastic. Each of these has their own benefits and downsides and some are better suited to one type of roof than the other.

Some are better at tasks (protecting from the sun’s rays or protecting against leaks) than others, too.  You need to know what coating suits best your roof (or what you want from it in protecting your roof).

Some advantages

There could be many things on the market and you might think roof coating is not a necessity. It might be true that a roof can certainly function without a coating; but there are other benefits to it that to could be worth some considerations.

A cooler roof is one result if your roof is with a white or reflective coating that will not absorb the sun’s rays, but instead reflects them back. With this reflective quality, the building becomes cooler which makes a big difference in the temperature inside. 

In this same line, there is much less energy needed to power the air conditioner. Not only does this save some money for you but it can also help the company to have less carbon footprint because of less energy.

Along the same line; there will be much less energy required to power the air conditioning. Not only does this save business money, which is important, but it can also help a company have a smaller carbon footprint because of less energy

Energy Star Rating

With the addition of just one roof coating, a building becomes a more energy efficient and can perhaps increase the Energy Star rating. This may look simple but boosting the energy rating can be a help in the resale value of a building. It can also help in meeting the local requirement.

This also helps on your building’s green reputation; by being able to present to customers, vendors, and associates that you are doing everything possible to make your building green can help boost your own reputation.

Leak Protection

With the addition of a coating to the roof can help protect it from leaks. Not only does the coating add to the roof itself, it also helps prevents the roof against molds and mildew damage, which can lead to leaks if left alone.

One of the best benefits your roof gets from coating is having its life extended for more years than what it has now. Extra life means you can wait years longer before replacing your roof and potentially prevent the roofing material from being tossed to the landfill.